About us

We are a small hobby  kennel  in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Our dogs live with us, they are part of our family and it wouldn't be any other way. We enjoy going to shows with our dogs and  once in a while have a puppy or two  looking for a most wonderful  home to call their own. However, we will not ship puppies.

I have a particular interest in the health issues effecting animals and have worked in the Veterinary field for quite a few years. It was at work that I met my first Cavalier and it was love at first sight. I had always had larger dogs and these guys were like a big dog  in a smaller package and alot easier to have sitting on my lap.

After extensive research about the breed, I found that, as with most pets, they had health issues that we must be aware of and work to minimize. 

It is my belief that with extensive health testing and very careful informed breeding that we can have the  best dogs to share our hearts and homes with. We have eyes, hearts, patellas and hips checked by the appropriate doctors. Our breeding dogs are DNA tested for Episodic Falling and Curly Coat Dry Eye Syndrome. They also have been MRI'd to check for hydrocephalis, COMS and Syrinx. The ladies have routine bloodwork done before breeding to make sure they are in the best health to have the healthiest puppies possible.

I am the Past President of the Cavalier King Charles Club of Greater Chicago. All my dogs are registered with AKC including the puppies.

Please feel free  to contact me if  you have any questions or would like further information about my dogs.


Piera Brown

Four Generations of Health Tested Dogs. All MRI Scanned before breeding.


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